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Your high quality, comprehensive biology resource for success.

Why BioBuddy?

We’ve created a resource that should be available to every student striving to achieve in a biology course; a resource that enables students, helps educators, and gives parents the assurance their students have a guide to success.

With roughly 8 hours of lecture videos and hundreds of check on learning questions, you’ve found your one stop home for biology. BioBuddy uses world class animation that makes difficult concepts easier to understand. The art and motion of our animation helps students comprehend complex topics that are difficult to understand by simply reading a textbook or listening to a lecture. Our lecture videos have an engaging on screen instructor who explains these concepts in an easy to understand manner. Our adaptable Q&A bank allows students to select the topics they wish to study and check their comprehension. Students are given written explanations to questions as well as a tutor walk through of each question that shows students how to solve the questions. For the cost of a Netflix subscription, mastery of biology is just a few clicks away.

We’ve Built This for You

A One Stop Home for Biology

We’re what should have been built years ago, a high quality, modern, comprehensive resource. The goal of BioBuddy is to improve comprehension and access to all learners. Here at BioBuddy, students learn biology, rather than just check the box. We know how challenging biology can be, so we built a one stop resource to help.

Our students have big dreams, whether those dreams are earning a scholarship, becoming a doctor, or developing a cure for disease, BioBuddy is the compass for students on their journey.

Our Story

The idea for BioBuddy began with two non-traditional pre-med students, an Army medic and a paramedic, who were roommates during a Post Baccalaureate Pre Med program. The idea was born from the desire for enhanced learning beyond the classroom setting. Although lecture is the beginning of understanding the material, each student learns differently. BioBuddy is designed to visually bring the intricate foundations of Biology to life, coupled with clear auditory detail. We want BioBuddy to be used as a tool for all students.

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